‘Yesss sell’, ‘Big mistake if we let him leave’ – Man City fans split over Journalist claims on star forward

Manchester City fans have been reacting to a post on Twitter which relays a report that claims Tottenham would be ahead of Arsenal in a race for Raheem Sterling Should he leave this summer.

The 27-year-old England international could be the subject of transfer interest this summer, with clubs looking to capitalise on his devalued price, and he has been linked with a move to AC Milan and Arsenal in the last week.

The attacker’s current contract at the Etihad expires in 2023, meaning he could begin negotiations about a potential free move away from City in just nine months’ time.

According to journalist Ben Jacobs, speaking on The Gooner Talk YouTube channel, Should Raheem Sterling leave Manchester City this summer, Tottenham would be ahead of Arsenal in a race between the two clubs.

“From what I gather, should he leave Manchester City, Tottenham are ahead of Arsenal in that particular pursuit,” he said.

“So if Sterling is to join Arsenal then Edu and Arteta are going to have to move quite quickly.

Jacobs went ahead to claims Sterling is very intent on playing under Antonio Conte as his next manager, if he was to make a move away from Man City.

“I think Sterling is very intent, even though he knows Arteta very well, to play under Conte as his next manager if he is to make a move,” he added.

“The reason for that is that Tottenham have given him guarantees about style and about position. Tottenham’s pitch [to him] is ‘let’s get you back to doing what you do best,’ which is scoring goals.”

The report was shared on Twitter by City Xtra and it attracted plenty of attention from the club’s supporters.

“Yesssssss sell.”
Credit: @SazMCFC

“I’d honestly rather let Raheem leave than Jesus. I find Jesus on the wing really good and especially with Mahrez being 30/31, Jesus can be deployed there or even on the left wing”
Credit: @the_Cityzen10

“Listen we either lose sterling or Jesus NOT both.”
Credit: @alexquintani11a

“Not happening.”
Credit: @CityMannion

“There’s no way.”
Credit: @nourmcfc

“Sterlings not going anywhere”
Credit: @fokingRazSterli

“Big mistake if we let him leave.”
Credit: @100_MCFC

“Now that we have Haaland and Alvarez, Sterling at RW and Foden LW would be like 17/18 Sterling, Sane and Aguero.”
Credit: @Knight8078

“Gotta give Raz a chance with Haaland. A pure 9 is exactly what Raz needs.”
Credit: @mancity_chiblue

“Would rather see how Sterling does at RW next to a proper striker. Not sure how we would handle his contract in that case though. Potentially a short term extension and see how he does from there?”
Credit: @allmancity22

“Man was playing 2 years without a proper striker in the box since Aguero and people were slandering him every single week and now he has Haaland in the box… Makes no sense to leave!.”
Credit: @AndreasKazakeo

“Absolutely NOT. No other strikers make defenders drop back in the city shirt as Sterling does, allowing City to dominate possession”
Credit: @The_Observer300

“He’s literally the worst one we can sell…Would much rather sell Jesus & keep Sterling & possibly Mahrez.”
Credit: @MxrioMCFC

“My hope is no one leaves anytime soon, especially Sterling. If we sign another RB, our squad depth would be insane enough to compete for a quadruple every season. I hope everyone on the team sees this.”
Credit: @KingCancelo


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