Anger as Pep Guardiola mural defaced with ‘MUFC’


A new mural of Manchester City football manager Pep Guardiola has been defaced just hours after it was completed.

“MUFC” was scrawled over the artwork, which covers the side of a house opposite the Etihad stadium.

The artist behind the project said most Manchester United supporters had stopped to admire the piece.

The painter, who goes by the name Mr Meana, said he was “extremely disappointed” and would have to repair the damage.

“People have been stopping to see this mural which brought smiles to many faces. Whoever did this is not a real fan,” he said.

“We are not upset for ourselves, our days go on, we’ve got many more we are working on.”

“We are upset for the fans. We are upset for Lesley who owns the house. She is part of the heart and soul of this community. She does a lot for mental health charities.”

He continued: “The main issue for us is that it’s football fans who suffer and it makes other people wonder if they should have a mural.

“The amount of Manchester United fans who stopped yesterday and who were taking photos. There were so many smiles on people’s faces.”

The artist said he was repairing the damage and would add an anti-vandalism coating.

He added: “If you are a real football fan this is a man you have got to admire for what he has done for football and especially the Premier League.

“I’m a West Ham fan and we don’t win much so its nice to celebrate other people. Hold your hand up, he is a great man.”

Mr Meana is one of the head artists for MurWalls, a collection of street artists founded in 2019 whose other projects have included pieces on Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp and musician Sir Elton John.

MurWalls founder member and chief executive Marc Silver said the only other mural that they had painted that had been defaced was one of former Liverpool player and TV pundit Ian St John in Liverpool.

Source: BBC

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